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Thursday, September 27, 2012

A set of products to build and maintain a virtual server

Virtual Box (Free VM solution): https://www.virtualbox.org/
Vagrant (Virtual Box wrapper): http://vagrantup.com/
Chef (Rules to build a server): http://www.opscode.com/chef/
Chef cookbooks (Open source rulesets for apps): https://github.com/opscode/cookbooks

Turns out that Vagrant and VirtualBox work on every platform, so you can easily use them on Windows. 

The getting started guide for Vagrant really showcases the magic of it. You run around 10 commands and then you've got a working virtual machine with apache installed. Also slick - the local directory on your host machine can be configured to be what the virtual machine references for the web directory. AKA the index.php file you have on your actual machine is what the virtual machine uses and hosts for you. It makes editing files much easier - no FTPing them to see changes.

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